Gas-powered remote-control cars

Gas RC trucks are operated by nitromethane fuel and fuel can be obtained at our store along with other locations round the country. These gas remote control trucks are faster and much more effective than traditional electric RC trucks. Achieve speeds more than 50 Miles per hour using these RC trucks which come fully put together with remote control. You heard right, forget about building means you're able to have some fun immediately. Shop among the biggest choices of remote control trucks for purchase.

Gas-powered remote-control cars provide realistic racing fun. They burn a gasoline-like fuel known as nitro (made from methanol, nitromethane and lubricant) with miniature car engines. Losi's Ten-T will get much more authentic with the addition of a starter that actually works just like a diesel engine's. Nitro cars are often difficult to start: You need to get them, make use of a hands-held motor to spin the engine, and concurrently work the remote's throttle. Using the Ten-T you simply hit "start" around the remote.

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That activates the car's own motor unit, operated by a 7.4-volt lithium-polymer battery. The motor turns a starter shaft behind the engine, which spins the crankshaft before the engine's suction allures fuel. Meanwhile, battery also lights a glow plug, much like a spark plug, within the engine Cheap RC Trucks. The plug's hot element, combined with compression from the fuel-air mixture once the piston increases, ignites the fuel. Then your plug keeps glowing, and also the fuel keeps burning, until you are prepared to refer to it as quits.